Seeking Some Shade

I am often found under the shade of two large Crepe Myrtle trees on our back terrace when the weather gets as hot as it has been recently.  I have shown glimpses of this area before when I have posted pictures of my Camellias or looking out over the lawn to the tropical border.  You get to it past my rose bed which is full of mainly old fashioned roses and different salvias. Tropical Storm Colin passed through Central Florida recently and everything got very bashed and soggy with the extremely heavy rains and blustery winds.




Although damaging I still think there is something very beautiful about roses laden with rain drops!



Unknown old tea rose



Georgetown Tea


The towering Salvia Amistad that was in this bed got blown sideways and so it has been cut back and is coming up nicely again.  Luckily some Salvia Black and Blue is still here much to the delight of the hummingbirds which love this flower.


A gravel and flagstone path leads of here to the back lawn and straight ahead is my Bermuda rose Anna Olivier mixed in with a small Lakeview Jasmine tree.


This is such a lovely Jasmine as it is well behaved and is powerfully scented.  It seems to burst into bloom whenever it rains heavily



Some small Gardenias are also mixed in here.


At this point you step up onto the flagstone patio with a sitting area in front and a view over to the new gazebo.  This area has three main trees that overhang it.  A small Desert Cassia….


…and two large Natchez Crepe Myrtles (Lagerstroemia) with white flowers that hang down pendulously when it rains heavily.





The bark peels naturally to a lovely rich cinnamon color.

The border around this area is quite simply planted mainly with different Camellias but I also have some Daylilies and Plumbago in the sunnier areas.


Cashmere Pearls Daylily


Plumbago and Foxtail Fern

My study at the back of the house looks out to this area and also across the lawn to the waterfall beyond.



My old potting bench seems to get piled up with potted plants – things that don’t mind the heat such as succulents and herbs.


I have a lovely yellow Butterfly Vine or Mascagnia which is planted in a pot at the base and is climbing up over the top of the bench.



It was never actually supposed to be for here but I waited too long before I found a home for it and it started to grow up over the top.   As it looked rather pretty I decided to let it stay!


Greek Oregano


Other container plants are dotted around this area in patches of shade or sun – whichever suits them best.



I rather like this new variety of Vinca or Madagascar Periwinkle which is a dark purple, as it goes well with the color of the sweet potato vine and the yellow of the Melampodium.


This container has a red Shrimp Plant or Justicia, some trailing Portulaca, Alternanthera and Red Ivy or Hemigraphis.





In fact I think I am slowly being overtaken by various pots and containers but, as I like to take cuttings or sow from seed, it’s hard sometimes to find a space for everything.  Oliver is often draped around the back of them as he tries to find the coolest spot!

Or (of course) he opts for somewhere more comfortable…


Hope you enjoyed seeing another little area of the garden!

Kate x

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  1. Dear Kate ~ It is all wonderful. You have such a fantastic selection of plants growing in your gardens, and I love all of the different areas/rooms of your gardens.

    I’ve not seen the yellow Butterfly Vine or Mascagnia before. I googled it and read that it is very vigorous/invasive, so you better watch it closely or it will envelope your bit of paradise. 🙂 I did love the wonderful seed pods that look like butterflies. That is really neat. I don’t need any more vines that’s for sure. Although, I would like one of those honeysuckle vines that smell wonderful.

    Oliver has the right idea for hot days. I was out for a little while earlier hand watering and I was glowing with sweat in no time at all. I got out there late this morning, so won’t be working out there today. I have to get outside between 7:30-8:00, then I can work for a couple of hours.

    Keep cool ~ FlowerLady

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    1. Hello Lorraine! You always leave such lovely comments..Thank you so much! Yes I will have to see what becomes of the Butterfly vine! At the moment it is sitting in a big pot so maybe that will keep it within bounds. I have never tried honeysuckle in my garden but I have fond memories of it from England and it really looks pretty. It really has been so terribly hot, hasn’t it and I think later this week we will break triple digits again! Like you I prefer to be out early. Have a lovely rest of the week dear Lorraine!


  2. Chère Kate,
    Je suis époustouflée ! Ton jardin est une merveille et en découvrir un nouvel espace est un vrai bonheur. Tout est beau ! Je suis complètement admirative de ton talent et de la manière dont tu associes si bien les fleurs, les arbres, les arbustes et toutes ces couleurs ! Et aussi de ton sens du détail et de ton raffinement ! Tu es une véritable artiste – d’ailleurs, je me demandais (sans vouloir être indiscrète) si l’art ou l’architecture paysagère n’étaient pas si ce n’est ton métier, tout au moins ta formation ? Car ton jardin est d’abord, et avant tout, une création, une oeuvre d’art végétale !
    J’ai découvert beaucoup de plantes que je ne connaissais pas et suis étonnée que les roses s’accommodent aussi bien de la chaleur “floridienne”. J’aime beaucoup la terrasse si accueillante – et où, le soir venu, il doit faire bon diner entouré de senteurs et de couleurs – et j’adore également la table bleue, présentoir aux multiples potées du plus bel effet.
    J’ai souris en découvrant la photo d’Oliver et me suis dit qu’il avait une chance inouïe ! Celle de pouvoir passer toutes ces journées dans ce jardin paradisiaque (en espérant toutefois qu’il ne croque pas les colibris – beaucoup trop beaux pour être mangés !).
    Bravo Kate et mille mercis pour cette balade – que pour ma part j’ai faite au retour du travail en sirotant une tasse de thé. J’étais épuisée. Ton jardin m’a ressourcée !
    Bisous (et bisous au très photogénique Oliver 😉
    Virginie xx

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    1. Virginie, you are always so very kind – Thank you very much! I am sure I do not deserve such lovely compliments! I have no background at all in art or landscape architecture! In fact I wish I did! I just love to garden. I just do what I like and if it pleases me well then I am happy, so I am glad you like it too! Oliver loves to watch all the animal and bird visitors including the hummingbirds, but as yet he has shown no inclination to catch any of them…perhaps just the occasional squirrel! He has never caught one though. I think perhaps he is too well fed! I have been thinking of you every time I check the european weather and feel sad when I see more rain. I hope you have been able to start on some of your garden restoration. I cannot believe that disaster happened because your garden there was so very magical. Hopefully you will write a post soon to let us know? Thank you so much again dear Virginie – wishing you sunshine and blue skies for July!
      – Kate xx

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  3. Hi Kate! It’s all beautiful – especially the roses, daylily, and that Lakeview Jasmine tree. I’ve not seen that Jasmine before, but I know I’d love it because I adore scent in the garden. Your many pots are wonderful too, they add a delightful coziness to your garden.
    I recently planted some Black and Blue closer to my front porch so I could enjoy the hummingbirds – they certainly
    do favor that plant.
    Have a wonderful week. I enjoyed my visit to your garden, as always. _Janice

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    1. Hi there Janice! Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked the jasmine tree. I would like to find another one because it is just so easy and well behaved unlike the other jasmines…I keep looking out but no luck as yet. Hope your chickens are doing well. Stay cool this weekend! At least we got some rain last night – hope you did too!
      – Kate xx


  4. Kate, all your flowers look so beautiful, and I can almost smell that jasmine from here! I hope you will have a few cool mornings this week to enjoy spending time in your lovely paradise. But Oliver looks like he knows the best way to spend the hot part of the days – Siesta. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful and exotic plants with us! Best, -Beth

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    1. Thank you so much sweet Beth! Very kind of you to leave such lovely comments. I have been taking a Siesta every day recently because it is just way too hot and exhausting out there!! I loved your recent post by the way and am so envious of all those beautiful English flowers. Hope your part of the US doesn’t get this heatwave.
      Have a lovely weekend.
      – Kate xx


    1. Thank you so much! I trimmed my yellow ones back in early spring and they had been really sloooow to come back! Perhaps I should have just let them be. The rounded topiaries are Eugenia – I like them because you can trim them into shapes a bit like boxwood.


    1. Hahaha! You are sweet – Thank you so very much! I’m not sure I am magazine worthy – the rest is suffering from this excessive heat!
      – Kate xx


  5. Your photographs are so lovely and your garden looks so inviting! I always think a few raindrops on roses look wonderful but the petals get damaged so easily and the amount of rain we’ve been getting reduces the flowers to rotting balls of stuck-together mush! I hope the storm didn’t damage too much in your garden. I love the shrimp plant and your collection of pots and containers is very appealing. Have a lovely weekend and I hope the weather doesn’t get too warm!

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    1. Hello Clare and thank you so much! I do love your description of the soggy flowers! That happens here too when it rains everyday – really disgusting to have to clean up! Have to say what a very challenging week this has been for UK. I should not take sides on here really but I am very saddened as is my family in England. I listen to BBC Radio 4 everyday and the divisiveness that is evident in the country is very upsetting. I hope that a modicum of calm is restored soon and things will seem a bit more optimistic. 😦

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      1. Thank-you Kate! I have been very upset by the result of the referendum and have signed the petition for a repeat vote – not that it will do any good. It isn’t good to hear all the recriminatory comments being made now the deed is done. The young people blaming ‘old people’ for the Brexit victory for example! My mother is 86 and she wants to stay in the EU! Oh for some calm!

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      2. I feel the same but more worrying now is, as you say, all the recrimination. I hope they get this done quickly because I think the unknown is so unsettling to people. It’s only then that people can move forward…I fear this is going to be a very messy and drawn out procedure which will stoke the fires even more. Oh dear what a horrible mess. I just hope you get some lovely weather so you can take some beautiful walks to at least restore inner peace!!

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  6. Hi Kate, I always enjoy seeing your garden spaces! Everything is so well put together, yet very inviting. I love your plant combinations, as well as your lovely pots. And your gorgeous roses! They seem very healthy, despite your humid climate.


  7. I always enjoy seeing different parts of your garden. It’s a lovely place. That daylily is most elegant. As are the roses. And of course, the cat person is a beaut.


  8. Wow, your garden is so tasteful and beautiful. It definitely looks like it belongs on the pages of Southern Living! Your photos are wonderful too–and Oliver is very handsome.


    1. Thank you so much Leslie for your very generous and sweet comments! I finally had time to come over to visit with you and I have left a comment on your last post.
      -Kate x


    1. Thank you so much Lavinia for your very kind comment. I apologize for my late reply back to you. We are having a big construction project at the house and it has left little time for me to get on here. Catching up now.


  9. Your garden is looking lovely despite the heat Kate. Very lush and healthy. I enjoy spotting plants I know in your garden and learning about those I’m not familiar with too. I must say that your garden wildlife really is something special too… those hummingbirds! I don’t think I’d ever get tired of watching them. Thanks for sharing your pictures and info about your gorgeous garden.

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    1. Hi Gillian! So sorry for my horribly late reply to you…a project at the house has been consuming so much time so I am having to do a big catch up! Thank you so much…you always leave such lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed another area of the’s always fun to see different plants growing in different parts of the world and its funny too to read people’s reactions. I swoon over simple Foxgloves and Cornflowers which grow so beautifully with you and yet I barely give a glance to our exotic tropicals or orchids! Hope you are keeping well and you are enjoying some warm and sunny weather.
      – Kate xx

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  10. It’s all so lovely, Kate — as always! I love the way your garden seems to flow so graciously from one area to the next.
    Your containers are such an inspiration though I’ve barely begun mixing plants in mine — deliberately, that is 😉
    So sorry you’ve been having such a tough summer; ours is the hottest we’ve had since moving here so I’m beginning to count the days till September and even October, and I imagine you are too…
    Your Mascagnia is delightful. And it’s so nice to see your hummingbird 🙂 Ours must have left for the summer; they migrate to California as a rule, as do some of the humans here 😉
    And with gardenias and jasmine in bloom, I can only imagine how good your garden must smell!

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  11. Hi Amy!! I am having to apologize to everyone for being so horribly late in replying to comments. We are having some construction done on the house and it has become a big distraction as well as tearing up an area of the garden so I have been dipping in and out of Instagram and taking a little summer hiatus on here. Hopefully order will be restored by early fall and I can get planting again! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. You are always so generous and kind. I try hard to get flow around the garden although sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming. Dividing it up into separate areas has really helped and the addition on the house will also help with this as it will cut my side garden into two, so I will get two little garden rooms. I love doing my containers but like you I struggle with this heat in the summer so I think next year I am going to be ruthless and essentially put my garden to bed for the summer…pull out the annuals from the containers and just let everything (including me!) rest for a few months. We will see how that plan works out! How interesting that your hummers leave for the summer…I never realized that.
    Will catch up on your posts today…as always I just love your photos on Instagram!

    – Kate xx

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  12. Hi Kate! As usual, I’m a little late to the party – ha! I absolutely love looking through your photos and they never disappoint! The hummingbird shot is wonderful! Your views all around are just lovely. And I agree – that dark purple vinca is stunning. I wish I could keep everything as neat and tidy as you do. I always have varying degrees of dishevelment, lol. Happy August!

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    1. Hi Lynn! You never need to apologize…I have been having a hard time keeping up recently myself! Thank you so very much! I hope your move has gone smoothly and you are feeling ok?
      – Kate x


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