Splashes of Color

Our rather upside down winter and early spring have contributed to some unexpected color combinations in the garden this week.  I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed by them or if I should just enjoy them while they last!  The azaleas are flowering on time but my terrestrial orchids, of which I have large clumps, have also suddenly burst out into their lovely orange shades, but about a month early.  This isn’t supposed to happen!




Once the brashness of the Azaleas is over things should return to normal and then these orchids will coordinate better with the yellows and reds that usually brighten up this bed.  As I look at these photos again however I think that maybe these crazy colors are beginning to grow on me!

Even the cardinals are adding pops of color amongst the flowers.






Azaleas and their bright green new growth means that spring has definitely arrived in Central Florida.  I’m loving the blue skies, warm sun and the beginnings of new leaves on the trees.








Bees are everywhere enjoying the new flowers….



on the Mystic Spires Salvia…..




The container plants….




…..and the lemon blossom just beginning to open.


I’ve been trying to tidy some of the roses since I got back from New York, but some of them are flowering so well at the moment that I hate having to cut the flowers off.





Le Vesuve is another intense color right now and clashes with its own red thorns and new growth.

I enjoyed two big sprays from La Marne rose in the courtyard for a few days and then decided I had to tidy it so I cut the sprays off and continue to enjoy their color inside.





After those bright colors lets cool down with a little white Nemesia…!



Have a lovely weekend!

26 thoughts on “Splashes of Color

  1. Lovely, Lovely! Your garden is a little paradise, Kate. I think I like the orange and pink – I always think the flowers know best and leave them to it. We are still not quite ready for spring here – lots of sun and frost recently and now we are back to gloom and rain 😦

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  2. Your garden is so beautiful Kate, I’d like to think we have spring colours like yours heading our way. Our weather has been upside down too, but the birds are singing as if Spring is truly here and we’ve seen the first few bees, so fingers crossed we have a Spring like yours. Le Vesuve is gorgeous!

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    1. Thank you very much Julie! I can think of no prettier garden than an English garden in the spring time so I am really looking forward to seeing yours when spring heads your way, and all your wonderful wildlife too!

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  3. delightful images of spring in your garden, Kate. We are not as far ahead, although there is plenty blossom around. I love the red thorns of Le Vesuve almost as much as the beautiful bloom!


  4. Kate, everything is always lovely in your garden! I know just what you mean about pruning the roses, our better judgement is sometimes clouded by those beautiful blooms. I also have a ‘La Marne’ rose, and I just love the sprays that she sends up. Thanks for sharing all your beauties, I always enjoy my visits to your blog. _Janice

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    1. Thank you so much Janice! I so agree with you on the pruning – it just seems so sad to cut off all those lovely flowers! So glad you love your La Marne too. Hasn’t this weather just been glorious? – I never want to come inside!
      – Kate xx


  5. You’re a bit ahead of us, Kate! Just today I found the first signs of life in one of my crape myrtles — a big relief! And I’ve smelt lemon blossom but haven’t found where they’re actually open on the tree… I love your bee on lemon shot: really lovely! And I confess to a soft spot for pink with orange sometimes and can think of no better combination than azaleas with orchids… looks paradisiacal 🙂


    1. Hi Amy! Thank you so much…I’m glad the artist in you wasn’t too offended by my color combinations. I am so looking forward to seeing your beautiful desert garden bloom as we head into spring. You have so many interesting and lovely plants. 🙂


  6. I am much more tolerant of color schemes outside than inside, and I think your azaleas and orchid colors are marvelous together! Spring has not quite arrived here yet, but I am looking forward to the explosion of color that will happen in my garden in about six weeks. It will be time for nature to party!

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    1. Thank you so much Deb! I’m so glad you weren’t offended by the crazy colors! I am so looking forward to seeing your garden burst into bloom in spring – I know its going to be gorgeous!


  7. Bonjour Kate, Votre jardin est une merveille ! Je découvre tardivement votre article car je voulais prendre le temps et déguster chaque image, une tasse de thé à la main, comme si j’étais parmi ces fleurs, ces couleurs, entre les abeilles et le cardinal rouge (j’adore cet oiseau !!). Cela est extrêmement intéressant de découvrir vos associations de plantes (adaptées au climat de la Floride) et de lire vos réflexions.
    Le nord de la France est encore dans le gris et le froid et notre printemps encore bien loin … Néanmoins, ce soir, le temps d’un thé, en rentrant du travail, vous m’avez offert une bulle de beauté et de sérénité. Vous lire est un bonheur. Vos photos sont superbes (et je sais combien il est difficile de photographier un jardin !) et nous transportent dans votre coin de paradis.
    Merci pour cette belle promenade !
    Virginie xx

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    1. Sorry for the late reply Virginie! Thank you so much – You are always so delightful and generous in your comments. I do hope some lovely spring weather is on its way to you soon.
      – Kate xx


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