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Early Spring Flowers

When you live in Central Florida you are not supposed to complain about winter!  I will however complain about 3 nights of ours where temperatures dipped well into the ’20’s for several hours.  I have learned not to trust the forecast lows for our town as I believe my garden sits in a frost pocket so I usually subtract 5…
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A Winter Update

Now that my winter garden chores are fairly complete I feel that I finally have time to post more.  I was very focused on my cut flowers this year and on getting my new and much larger cutting garden up and running.     Most of my cut flowers are grown in raised beds.  I find it easier to amend…
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I think that was Spring?

How did it get to be June?!  I think I went out to water the garden in March and somehow I ended up at the beginning of summer!  It certainly was a very hot and dry spring and I feel as if I have had a hose pipe permanently attached to the end of my arm!  The summer rains have…
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How to Buy


High quality, fresh and local flowers are a wonderful alternative to the standard “run of the mill” flowers typically seen at the local store.  The flowers grown at Grey Tabby Gardens are raised from seed or small plants and lovingly grown using organic methods with respect for our environment.  They can be bought by the bucket, bouquet or garden style arrangement.  We are so fortunate in Central Florida to have almost year round gardening but at the height of summer or in the shorter days of winter, flowers will additionally be sourced from other American farms and growers to supplement those growing in the garden.  Imported flowers are never used!



If you have a small event coming up and like to arrange flowers yourself consider buying a bucket of fresh and seasonal blooms that are picked that day for you to style as you wish.  DIY buckets will contain approximately 40-60 stems of mixed flowers and some filler (greenery).  As the flowers are seasonal, specific colors or types cannot be guaranteed but the flowers will coordinate beautifully together.  Consult “The Flowers” section to see the type of flowers that are typically available with the season.

Small to medium sized dahlias may be included in these buckets if available but the large (dinner-plate sized) are offered separately.

PRICE:     $60



Small arrangements and bouquets are for sale locally at Wild Hare Kitchen and Garden Emporium in Longwood, FL on Thursdays and Fridays.  Average price is $12 for a sweet and unique mason jar arrangement.  Other locations coming soon!  Follow on Instagram @greytabbygardens to see when flowers are dropped off and other updates.



If you are a local florist and are looking for fresh and hard to source flowers you may find some of your favorite flowers blooming right here in Central Florida.  Dahlias and Zinnias are often in demand and yet are hard to ship.  Feel free to reach out to see what is growing.  Keep in mind that this is a small suburban operation and quantities are limited, but there is always something special in bloom!



Need a flower bouquet or garden style arrangement as a gift or “just because”?  Get in touch and something can be styled just for you and delivered free within the local area (approximately 10 miles of Lake Mary, FL).


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